What is ListMask?

In order to contain pandemics such as the current Covid-19 (Corona Virus), it may be necessary for service providers and shops to collect contact details of their visitors. If a positive infection is detected in a visitor or provider, it must be possible to contact all other people who were at the same place at the same time. This so-called "contact tracing" makes it possible to take measures quickly.

ListMask now offers the ability to provide this contact tracing without requiring the visitor to disclose personal information to a service provider or business. The right to privacy should be guaranteed even in case of a crisis, especially if this does not restrict the fight against it. The electronic recording of a visit should even be more reliable than if the data is written by hand on slips of paper.

Who has to record contact details?

In the event of a pandemic, health authorities issue special regulations to restrict the spread of a disease or virus. One rule may be that certain shops or service providers must record the contact details of their visitors. These can be small shops such as beauty salons or hairdressers, but also larger establishments such as resturants, bars or fitness centres.

How is ListMask financed?

Financing is provided by sponsors and fee-based MaskIDs for companies and service providers that process a large number of daily visitors. The use on a small scale should remain free.

How does ListMask work?

Privacy The basic principle is that the contact's telephone number is masked with a token, or more simply: it is replaced by an anonymous random code. For example, 079123456 becomes V5KJM. We call this code MaskID. Consequently, when you visit a shop/service provider, you do not give your telephone number, but only your personal MaskID. This MaskID only needs to be requested once and then remains the same for you.

Of course it is necessary that the visited service provider or business also works with MaskID. If there is now a local outbreak of infection, the authorities can request the visitor list of the affected day from us. There the contact information is then visible again and contact tracing can be carried out.
ListMask has many advantages

  • No need to install an app, runs in the browser
  • Safe and compliant with data protection requirements
  • Discreet, because the shop / service provider will not see the customer data