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To control the spread of the Corona pandemic, many countries require certain shops and service providers to maintain a visitor list and write down contact information. This is supposed to simplify contact tracing in case of an outbreak.

However, that way privacy is left greatly behind. Not everyone is keen to leave their private contact information at every place they visit. In most cases it's unclear what will happen with the data, who can see it and when it will get deleted again.

ListMask creates privacy while maintaining safety

  • Shop / service provider will not get any personal data
  • No need to install an app
  • No need to maintain paper lists
  • Because of the MaskID no need to re-enter personal data at each visit
Privacy No installation No paper lists
Both the visitor and the provider will need to request a personal MaskID. This takes less than one minute. The process is simple: Enter your mobile number as well as other legally required data and instantly receive your MaskID by SMS.

As soon as it's required to leave contact information, the visitor just tells the provider his MaskID. He will never see his contact info. Only the authorities will, if necessary.

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